Our Study Register

About the GSK Study Register

The GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Study Register provides information on our studies. This supplements information presented in scientific journals, at scientific congresses, in letters to healthcare professionals, and in approved prescribing information. We aim to publish our clinical research as papers in the scientific literature. We provide publication citations with studies on this register. Where there is no citation the study has not yet been published. For a small number of studies a publication is not being progressed. This may be because it has been rejected by journals or because it is unlikely to be published by journals - for example where a study is terminated early with little or no data.

Before prescribing any product mentioned in the Register, Healthcare Professionals should consult prescribing information approved in their country.

Use of the data and information contained on this Register is unrestricted, provided that it may not be used in applications by others for regulatory approval of a product. While not required, when using these data, we ask that proper credit or attribution of GSK as the source of the data be given. GSK disclaims liability for all uses of the data by users of this Register, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. No trademark, patent, or regulatory/data exclusivity rights held by GSK are waived, licensed or otherwise affected.

GSK Alliance Companies

GSK has alliances with other pharmaceutical companies. As part of these alliances, GSK may not have been the regulatory sponsor of all clinical studies for a product and therefore the results of such studies may not appear on this register. Please see other public registries such as www.ClinicalTrials.gov or EU Clinical Trials Register for any study disclosures from our alliance companies.

Our Transparency Policy

GSK has a long-standing commitment to clinical study transparency. Click here to find more information about our commitments.